Part 08 – TOEIC Writing : Which is more important ?

Part 08 – TOEIC Writing : Which is more important ?

Prompt: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is more important to work at a job you enjoy than to make a lot of money.

Support your answer with specific reasons and examples.

Although having a higher remuneration can satisfy one’s financial needs, the sense of achievement and self-worth are far more critical. Therefore, I agree that the pursuit of happiness is more important than choosing a career with lucrative compensation.

Everyone needs to be financially stable; thus, it is crucial to have a job that provides a better and comfortable living and having a dispensable income. Moreover, in our society, affluent people are fully embraced in the community, and their opinions matter. For example, California is considered one of the most elite groups in the US, earning six figures a month and living in luxurious houses; they can waste money on everything they desired. These people are also considered influencers that can influence their community.

However, being wealthy is not enough to quench one’s desires, and most need to find a deeper meaning in their life, such as happiness; thus, people seek personal achievement at their work. Silicon Valley in California has the highest income in all states; however, some workers leave the bay to make their success by starting a smaller company, which gives them value on their achievement rather than working for a more prominent company. Therefore, people are willing to give up higher compensation to pursue a more profound role in their work, making them feel happy.

Furthermore, some high-paying jobs degrade one’s self-respect. In contrast, others can accept this situation in return for monetary incentive, and others prefer to prioritize their self-worth before their bottom line, making them happy. Looking at some social media stories, some workers from the Valley left their job to pursue their interests, such as cooking or making art, because that is where they find their worth.

In conclusion, it is essential to find a job that pays well. However, it more crucial that one must discover self-worth and gain a sense of achievement for these people to be happy.