TOEFL Writing – Children’s Leisure Time

TOEFL Writing – Children’s Leisure Time

TOEFL Writing Independent – Children’s Leisure Time

Some people think that parents should plan their children’s leisure time carefully. Other people believe those children should decide for themselves how to spend their free time, Which idea do you agree with? Give reasons for your choice.


TOEFL Writing Independent – Children’s Leisure Time (V1)


It is often suggested that to make the most of children’s leisure time, parents should take the lead. However, others argue that children should have the freedom to decide. In my view, finding a balance between parental decisions and the child’s preferences is key to maximizing and making leisure time productive.

Side of the Parents

Those who support the idea that parents should decide on children’s pastimes argue that parents have the authority to manage schedules, allocating time for school, rest, personal activities, and leisure. Maturity is required to handle these responsibilities, and since parents are financially responsible, it makes logical sense for them to manage everything until children can decide for themselves. Nevertheless, as long as children are minors, the decision on leisure activities remains with the parents.

Side of the Children

On the flip side, it is suggested that children should be the ones making decisions, as they are the ones investing their time and youth in these activities. Regardless of how fantastic an activity may be, if the child doesn’t have a personal interest, it becomes futile. Allowing children to make their own decisions on leisure activities also provides them with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, making them more adept in society and productive members as they grow older.

Writer’s Opinion

In my opinion, there should be a middle ground. Since parents are financially responsible for activities, they should have the final say. However, children also need to express their preferences towards leisure time. Collaboration is crucial; they should work together and find common ground. If an activity interests the child but not the parents, or vice versa, communication is key. There should be a balance between leisure time and prioritizing decision-making perspectives.


In conclusion, while some advocate for one-sided approaches to maximize leisure time, true productivity comes from effective communication between parents and children. Expressing sentiments and opinions about certain leisure activities allows them to meet halfway and make the most of their leisure time.

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