Where do you usually watch TV programs/shows?

Where do you usually watch TV programs/shows?

IELTS Speaking Task 1: Where do you usually watch TV programs/shows? (Why / Why Not ?)

Notes: This question is focused on “where” giving details and examples is very crucial.

Sample Answers

  1.  Since I work from home, I usually watch shows in our living room. My family recently bought a 42 inch TV for everyone to enjoy so after lunch, my family and I watch our favorite noontime shows. There is enough chair for everyone. Moreover, during the weekend, I binge-watch some American TV shows. Last week, I binged Suits Season 1 and Season 2 in my living room.
  2.  I am quite a busy person, so I can only watch TV shows or program on my phone while I am commuting or while I am on my bed trying to fall asleep. I have some TV apps such as Netflix and Hulu which stream my favorite tv shows such as Modern Family and House of Cards.
  3. My current place has no TV since I work most of the time and the only time I could only watch TV is when I am having lunch in our cafeteria. My co-workers and I have our lunch in the cafeteria and there is a TV mounted. Most of the TV programs that we could watch are old movies or news.
  4. Most of the time, I watch television shows or programs at Andy’s place as their entertainment system is big and have a really comfortable sofa. His wife also serves really good food so this is the best place to watch our favorite shows like Downtown Abbey and the Bodyguard.
  5. I usually watch shows and programs on my laptop because it is easy than having a mounted screen in one place. I could watch Netflix from the web anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. When I am not busy at work I could watch shows on Netflix at least for an hour or an episode. Most of the time I watch series that I have watched already like Friends or Breaking Bad.  Sometimes, before going to bed, I can watch one episodes.

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