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Pattern English: How Do We Use Above?

Pattern English: How Do We Use Above?

How Do We Use Above? – Pattern English

Today we will discuss what are the ways people use the word “above”.

Usage 01: Above can mean in or at a higher place.

Pattern 1: be + above + noun

  • The painting was above the mantel.
  • A chandelier is above the dining table.
  • The books are above the cabinet.
  • The ladder was above the basement stairs.
  • The poster is above the bed.
  • The umbrella was above your head.
  • The towels are above the sink.
  • The vase is above the mantel.
  • The lamp was above the side table.
  • The clock is above the door.

Pattern 2: verb + noun + above + noun

  • She positioned the mirror above the dresser.
  • They installed the shelf above the desk.
  • Arrange the books above the cabinet.
  • Carry the ladder above the basement stairs.
  • Hang the poster above the bed.
  • Hold the umbrella above your head.
  • Keep the towels above the sink.
  • Place the vase above the mantel.
  • Put the lamp above the side table.
  • Set the clock above the door.

The word “Above” can mean at a higher level, value, or rank.

  • Her cholesterol levels are above normal.
  • The students in his class are all above average.
  • In the army, a colonel is above a lieutenant colonel.

Next, Above (adverb) can indicate something written earlier in a book: article: or other document.

  • Refer to the guidelines mentioned above.
  • As stated in the section above, additional information is required.

Usage 04: Above (adjective) describes something written earlier.

  • Make sure to review the above comments before proceeding.
  • The above statement summarizes our main findings.

Usage 05: Above indicates that a person is too good to commit the stated negative action.

Pattern 1: be + above + noun

  • Her dedication to her work is above reproach.
  • His integrity is above suspicion.
  • His actions are above dishonesty.
  • Her character is above meanness.
  • The witness’s testimony is above perjury.
  • Their behavior is above theft.
  • The community is above murder.
  • Loyalty to the country is above treason.

Pattern 2: be + above + verb in gerund form

  • His behavior is above stealing.
  • Their actions are above breaking the law.
  • Her conduct is above cheating.
  • Our culture is above gossiping.
  • The company’s policy is above lying.
  • Their morals are above robbing.
  • Our ethics are above snooping.
  • The community’s values are above stealing.

Usage 06: Expressions

Up Above (adverb)—in heaven:

  • She believed her grandmother was watching over her from up above.
  • He hoped to reunite with his beloved dog in a peaceful place up above.

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty—action that is more or greater than what is expected of a person:

  • The firefighter’s bravery went above and beyond the call of duty when she rescued the family from the burning building.
  • His dedication to his patients was above and beyond the call of duty, often working late hours to ensure their well-being.

Completely honest and open: (Above Board)

  • The company assured its investors that all transactions were above board and transparent.
  • She conducted the negotiations in a manner that was completely above board, leaving no room for doubt or suspicion.

Exempt from restrictions of the law: (Above the Law)

  • He believed his wealth made him above the law, often flaunting regulations without consequence.
  • The corrupt official acted as if he were above the law, engaging in illegal activities without fear of punishment.


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