TOEFL Writing Essay Video: There is Nothing that Young People Can Teach Older People.

TOEFL Writing Essay Video: There is Nothing that Young People Can Teach Older People.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? There is nothing that young people can teach older people. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.


It is a common notion that older people know more compared to kids, and to some extent it is true. Although, I do believe that teenagers or younger generations can actually teach older people from as simple as how such items function to the ways of one’s life point of view.

Young People – Technology

As a child, our parents taught us on how to use a fork and knife, or how to use the toilet until such time that we learn how to do it for ourselves. Millennials are more tech savvy compared to previous generations and learn faster as they are very comfortable with technology, and their skills on how to use these devices becomes better. Thus, it is no surprise that kids nowadays are more tech savvy than their parents. This is one of the simplest things that youngsters can teach to the older generation.

Young People – Happiness

Boomers taught the younger generation to study hard in order to have a good job and a good life. However, young professionals are now teaching the previous generations that it is not just about getting a good job but also to pursue one’s happiness. They learn that the older generation may have a good job but they are not happy. As part of an older generation, we are focused on our job and income while young bloods focus on how to be happy and live their life to the fullest, something that older people can learn.

Young People – Living

Finally, our older community lectured the younger generation before that one should be married to the same race or living in a particular lifestyle is unacceptable something that young bloods cannot understand fully. Now, the younger generation is preaching not only in the old community but to the entire world that interracial marriage is okay and certain lifestyle is okay as long as one doesn’t hurt others. These are the learning that the youth contributed to the old generation.


Both generations can learn from each other from basic navigation of equipment, to finding the pursuit of happiness and up to living a full life. Therefore, the young people can teach the older people by their skills, their perspective and what they see in this world.