Short Courses
Business Speaking

Business Speaking


Business Speaking will help you make yourself understood in business in five main areas.

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Telephoning
  • Formal meetings and negotiations
  • Presenting
  • Interviews

Course Includes

  • Conversation
  • Listening
  • Grammar and Cultural Notes


  • TOEIC Test (Reading and Listening) – Every Sunday
  • Vocabulary Test

CEFR Level: B1 – or B1 +

Duration: 4 Weeks / 20 Sessions / 50 Minutes Per Sessions 

In this section, students will learn that successful small talk is not about saying brilliant things. It is about commenting on and asking about ordinary things with conviction, interest, and enthusiasm.

Students will learn how to be brief and precise when discussing jobs. In addition, help them express their interest in other people, and learn how to exchange information well.

In this section, students will focus on being clear and concise on cold callings, and how to confirm or rearrange appointments over the phone. This section will also focus on how to construct sentences when making complaints, and how to deal with these over the phone.

This section will focus on the different setups of meeting from running a face-to-face meeting and how to negotiate themselves in this professional environment. Students will be assigned some actions points and learn how to run a teleconference. 

This section will focus on how to present a product or services to clients or business partners, and how to work on a stand.  Students will also learn on how to close a sale and how to politely say “no” to a transaction.

In the final section, students will learn what makes a successful job interviewer and how to ace an interview. This section will also focus on how to conduct performance reviews and persuade one’s manager.