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IELTS General Training Task 1: Wallet


IELTS Task 1 : Letter Writing

You have just spent a week with a friend on holiday. When you got home, you realized you had left your wallet there.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

  • Thanks your friend for the holiday
  • Explain that you left your wallet in their house
  • give them instructions of how to send it back to you

Version 1

Hi Bruce, 

Thank you so much for the wonderful holiday you provided, it is the best week I ever had  in years. Unfortunately, it seems that I left my wallet at your place and I am asking for a favor. 

As I remember, I was packing my bag last night and I put my pink Hello Kitty wallet next to the hamper which probably fell in together with the towels and blanket that I used. I would really appreciate it if you could check it for me as my wallet has my medical card and I will be needing that soon. 

Could you send my wallet wrapped in a Hello Kitty towel via parcel and expedite the package to the address that I gave you before I left.  Kindly address the package to me directly so that it could deliver to me immediately. 

You could take some cash to pay for the shipment and for the trouble that I gave you. Please also send me a text with the tracking number of the shipment so I could track it. 

Thank you so much. 

Ian T.

Version 2

Hi Matt, 

I would like to thank you and your family for your hospitality during my five-day holiday in your summer mansion. I am sorry but I forgot my wallet at your place. 

It was on the counter-top next to the pink box which is similar color as my wallet. The cabby was in a hurry so I just headed to the door without checking my belongings. I greatly appreciate it if you could check it for me as my wallet has my medical card and I will be needing that soon. 

Bruce , who is my assistant and I believe you saw him a couple of times, volunteered to drive at your place and fetch my wallet by tomorrow morning. I gave your number to him and he will call you when he is near. 

You could take some cash and give him for the gas and for the trouble because I am sure he will not take the money out of my wallet. Please also send me a text when he arrives tomorrow. 


Thank you so much. 

Ian T. 

Ian Tanpiuco

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