IELTS Writing Task 2 – History In School

IELTS Writing Task 2 – History In School

IELTS Writing Task 2 – History in School

Some people think learning history in school is important. Others think learning subjects more relevant to life is important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Many argue that history is an integral part of the curriculum, while others suggest that subjects like science and technology are more important due to their direct relevance to our daily lives. I firmly believe that both are equally important, as history teaches us from past mistakes, while other subjects guide us on how to progress.

Learning history holds significance as it provides a glimpse into past decisions made by mankind, which is crucial because history tends to repeat itself. For instance, the lack of quarantine measures and poor sanitation during the 1920s Spanish flu pandemic resulted in the loss of many lives. The government failed to respond urgently, highlighting the mistakes of the past. Understanding these mistakes is vital to prevent their recurrence and ensure a better future.

Subjects like science and technology are often considered more important because they contribute to societal advancements. These subjects play a critical role in our daily lives and should be given high regard within the education system. Without them, it would be challenging for us to progress from archaic technologies to the development of the internet. Science and technology have enabled us to establish seamless global communication systems and have facilitated tremendous advancements. These achievements highlight their paramount importance.

In my opinion, both history and science & technology are equally important. History allows us to learn from the past, including the lessons derived from the Spanish flu pandemic, where our predecessors made grave mistakes leading to disastrous consequences. Conversely, science and technology empower us to spread awareness through digital communication channels and develop vaccines that mitigate the impact of deadly viruses.

In conclusion, there is an ongoing debate about the importance of history compared to other life skill subjects like science. However, it is crucial to recognize that both subjects play vital roles. History provides valuable insights and lessons, while science and technology guide us towards progress. Balancing the inclusion of both subjects in the curriculum ensures a well-rounded education that encompasses diverse perspectives and knowledge.

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