IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Happy Things

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Happy Things

IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Happy Things)

Topic: Happy Things
Difficulty: Easy

Is there anything that has made you feel happy lately?

  • I got sick a few weeks ago, so I haven’t had a chance to practice with my friends. Recently, after four weeks, I was finally able to practice with them again. It made me really happy to be part of the band once more.
  • Last Spring festival I managed to see my relatives like my aunts and cousins, we haven’t seen them for a long time because of the pandemic, so this year, we were so happy that we finally have the chance to just be in the same place. My grandparents were teary when they saw everyone together.
  • Before, I felt really down until I recently started reading again. I read couple of books that allows me to think about my previous actions and I find very insightful information that allows me to break some bad habits. Although I am still in this process of changing myself, I felt much better and I am feel much happier.
  • Since I barely see my parents recently, last Spring festival they gave me a huge sum of money through red packet. I was glad that they gave me hefty money but what made me happy was that, both of my parents were there that day.
  • When I went to Cebu, I participated to do some activities in the orphanage, seeing the smile of the kids makes me realize that my effort is appreciated and I felt happy. This is the first I experience that people are genuinely happy seeing my presence and doing some basic things. It is a very different experience so I was so happy because I never had this experience before.

What made you happy when you were little?

  • When I was in elementary, the highlight of our day was going back home because we could watch a lot of anime from 5PM to 7PM and that made us happy then the next morning we will be talking about it and that was the thing that made us happy as a child.
  • My mom becomes happy when I got good grades so when I have a good score, and she smiled then I would feel great and happy.
  • As child hanging out with my friends is a source of happiness because I tend to be very stress at school and sometimes at home so my friends were there to help me. Upon reaching high school, we started going to places like x , y and Z and I am when I am with my friends.
  • Since I have some struggle with my academics, receiving a high mark or getting a positive feedback to my teachers were a bit uncommon so when I receive them then I feel happy because my hard work has paid off.
  • I like to build stuff so one of the way I can do this is by building things with legos. So as a child, when my parents bought me some new lego set, I just felt very happy because I have more opportunity to express my creation.

What do you think will make you feel happy in the future?

  • I guess when I start making money to the point that I don’t have to work in an 8 to 5 job.
  • It is wishful thinking that I am financially free and I don’t have to work anymore so that will be the day I will be hapy.
  • Right now, my plan is to study abroad and I am working really hard to achieve this so if I manage to study abroad by (INSERT MONTH./Year) then I will be happy.
  • Currently, I am (status) and when I started to get a job and get good pay then I will surely be happy, although I am not sure when it will happen I am very optimistic that it will be very soon.
  • My friends and I had talked about living together in another city because we are accustomed to living with our family and although we appreciate them greatly, a bit of adventure and uncertainty is something we would like to experience. So we wanted for my friend and me to stay in an apartment in a different city and study without our parents’ supervision. So that will make us happy in the near future.
  • I do love my parents but I think I will be very happy when I start to be more independent and my parents should just support my decision instead of having control in my life.

When do you feel happy at work? Why?

  • I guess we feel happy if it’s a weekend or we know that the next day is no work because we can sleep or do things that we really like. Sometimes salary day but that has a different story.
  • Since I work really hard during the weekdays, I am very happy to end my week, because I can finally do the things that I like so that is the highlight of my week.
  • The highlight of my month is when I get my pay. When I check my bank account and my savings accrue over time, I feel that I am making a difference and I am getting closer to my dream of financial stability.
  • As a –INSERT JOB- I feel happy when we manage to fix or get what our client wants. Another is that our job ends early on a Friday so we have a few extra hours to enjoy ourselves. This is our highlight for the week.
  • Since we barely use our phones, whenever we have access, we feel relieved and happy because we could do a lot of things such as play some x y, and z.
  • Also, sometimes, it is nice to receive some positive feedback from our teachers especially when we get a higher score or a good answer, we feel that our studies have paid off.

Do you feel happy when buying new things?

  • I think I have mixed emotions, when I want to buy something new like a gadget or clothing, I will be very excited but after that, I will soon be upset about why I bought this item in the first place and I will be sad that my earning were deducted.
  • Yes, when it comes to wants but not really happy if I buy my needs.
  • Yes, especially if that money is a bonus or was given as a gift. I don’t like spending my own money.
  • Yes, recently I bought X and I wanted this for a long time, so when I finally manage to save, I was very happy.
  • In the past, yes, the feeling of having things in your hand is hard to explain the adrenaline and how people see me just boost my ego. However, now, I stop doing this and steer away from any temptation to buy impulsively.
  • When I buy new things that are mostly necessities, I feel indifferent. However, if I could buy new things that I really want like new games or shirts then I will be exhilarated. For example, when the GOW was released on PS5 and I was very excited to buy and play it.
  • Actually, I have mixed emotions. For example, when I buy some jewelry I feel happy because I have something new that I really want but then again, I know that I lost a lot of money buying this thing, so I am both happy but also disappointed in myself because I cannot control my desire to spend my money.

Do you think people are happy when buying new things?

  • Most of them would be happy because based on my observation there are some people who are excited to get the latest phone and every year they are excited to get the updated phone you can see their happiness although that is just a short-lived happiness.
  • Yes since if we buy new things, we are excited about something that we don’t know yet, and that makes us excited or happy. Another reason is that people around you would give you certain approval to feel that you are better than others. For example, my friend bought the latest iPhone, he is the first guy to have it in our school so our classmates are amazed at him and people talk to him more so he feel good about themselves. Also, the new iPhone has a lot of features so he is excited to try those features.

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