IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Dream and Ambition

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Dream and Ambition

IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Dream and Ambition)

Topic: Dream and Ambition
Difficulty: Average

What was your childhood dream?

It’s going to be funny because when I was young, I used to think of becoming a priest or a pastor from the age of 6 until I was around 18 years old. That was my dream, to serve God. However, it turned out that I became an atheist. Another dream that I had was to be a teacher, and at some point in my life, I became one. So, I managed to live up to that dream.

Are you the kind of person who sticks to dreams?

Well, not really. Although I had some dreams that I pursued when I was young, there were others that were too far-fetched for me to pursue. For example, I really wanted to own my own restaurant, but considering the competition and my lack of expertise and experience in the food business, I decided it wasn’t worth it. However, I still dream of having my own business and owning properties, similar to the dreams I had as a child. So, I don’t have everything on my checklist, but overall, I am still pursuing some dreams. I have dreamt of having my own company, although right now I am a sole trader, so I am very close to my dream.

What is your dream job?

Actually, I don’t think I have a specific dream job, but I have always wanted to have my own office. I always admired my boss, who had a laptop, a screen, and his own mini office. I told myself that whatever the job is, as long as I have that, I would be happy. I am fortunate that I have already achieved that. Now, my dream job is to work while traveling. That’s the next dream job I have.

Do you think you are an ambitious person?

Yes, I am an ambitious person. Sometimes I have too many visions for myself that I tend to overlook the things I have already accomplished. I often feel stressed because I strive to be more ambitious than before. I remember one of my dreams was just to work from home, but now I want to be more than that. I want to excel and have numerous projects. I find myself overwhelmed and stressed most of the time because I am too ambitious. However, I believe it’s normal because if you want to be ambitious, you need to work harder than anyone else.

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