IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Arts

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Arts

IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Arts)

Topic: Arts
Difficulty: Average

  • Do you like art?

    • Yes, I do enjoy viewing certain pieces of art or specific paintings, but I wouldn’t say I have an overall fondness for art as a whole.
    • When it comes to visual art, such as drawings or paintings, I’m not particularly drawn to them. Instead, I find my creative outlet through music and playing instruments like the piano.
    • No, I never really appreciate arts such as paintings and sculptures. Although, I do understand why some people like it, I am personally never amazed by it.
  • Do you like visiting art galleries?

    • Although there are several art galleries in my town, I’ve never found myself particularly interested in visiting them. However, I’m always up for attending musical performances and concerts. The last time I visited an art gallery was to assist a friend that was two weeks before the spring festival.
    • I do visit art galleries on occasion, but it’s not my favorite pastime. I tend to go to impress my dates, and to present myself as a culturally inclined individual. If given the choice, I’d rather visit other places. The most common galleries I go to are X and Y, as they are conveniently located near the train station.
  • Do you want to be an artist?

    • Many artists struggle financially. While I admire their passion, I personally prefer to have my finances in order. Unfortunately, in my country, not all artists are respected and only those who have achieved success are given recognition.
    • Although I have a love for music, I don’t envision pursuing it as a career. In China, it can be challenging to find a steady income in the arts industry, as competition is fierce. So, I plan to continue playing music for my own enjoyment, but not as a source of income in the future.
  • Do you like modern art or traditional art?

    • I understand that I might sound unsophisticated, but I struggle to comprehend modern art. Traditional art is straightforward and it’s easy to grasp the intention of the creator. So, I have a greater appreciation for traditional forms of art.
    • I prefer the former, as visiting modern art exhibitions can be a way to showcase my cultural awareness. If someone were to ask, I could simply mention that it’s an art and throw out some art-related lingo, thereby giving the impression that I am well-cultured and knowledgeable.

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