IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Chocolate

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Chocolate

IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Chocolate)

Topic: Chocolate
Difficulty: Easy

  • Do you like eating chocolate? Why or why not?

    • When I need to stay awake and am feeling drowsy, I often turn to a dark chocolate bar. The bitterness has a similar effect to coffee, helping me to stay alert. And if I’m craving something sweet and indulgent, I’ll reach for a decadent dessert like a sinful cake.
  • How often do you eat chocolate?

    • My third-period class is notoriously demanding, so my friends and I keep a stash of chocolate bars on hand to give us a boost. It’s become a daily ritual for us.
  • Did you often eat chocolate when you were a kid?

    • Thanks to my dad, who’s a strict dentist, I’m limited to only having one chocolate bar per week. He’s all about maintaining good dental hygiene.
  • Why do you think chocolate is popular around the world?

    • Chocolate is a natural drug that triggers the production of dopamine in our bodies, making us feel happy and eventually it makes people addicted to it.
    • Cocoa seeds are widely available, making chocolate production an easy and common process. The versatility of chocolate, from being infused into candy, bars, spreads, and other food, makes it popular around the world.
  • What’s your favorite flavor?

    • Initially, I found the taste of mint chocolate quite unusual and it reminded me of toothpaste. However, over time, I’ve developed a taste for it and now I particularly enjoy mint chocolate-flavored Oreos.
    • As for chocolate flavors, I don’t have a favorite since I’m not particularly fond of chocolate. But, I did try a chocolate-infused rose perfume once and I found it quite pleasing, so that might be a chocolate variant that I could appreciate.
  • Do you think it is good to use chocolate as gifts to others?

    • In Taiwan, giving chocolate as a gift can sometimes come across as unthoughtful if it’s just picked up from a convenience store.
    • For platonic friends, chocolate can be a good gift as it’s not too expensive and is consumable.
    • Expensive chocolate makes for a great gift, but cheap chocolate may not have the same impact.
    • The situation plays a role in deciding whether or not to give chocolate as a gift. Some people may not enjoy confectionary, and giving chocolate to someone in a relationship could send mixed signals.

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