Essay About Generation

Essay About Generation


Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents’ generation? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Essay 1

One of the key differences between my generation and my parents’ is the way we view technology. My generation is considered digital natives as we were born with fast computers and the internet while my parents’ generation was born without these technologies. Therefore, the perspectives are different, my parents see technology as a luxury and sometimes dangerous because of the infinite information that could be searched while we see it as just a utility for us to use. In addition, our parent’s generation is accustomed to the idea of hard work such as researching using books and newspaper clippings. Despite being tedious, for them it is rewarding. Using technology to make things easier and faster may seem to them like cutting corners or sometimes cheating. However, for my generation, we just see hard work as unnecessary because of the accessibility of information brought by technology. To conclude, while our parents’ generation sees technology as extravagant and sometimes uninspiring, while my generation sees it as a common and practical tool. 

Essay 2

Although there are only a few opportunities to be successful in Gen X, the formula fits almost everyone; study hard to get a stable good job. However, millennials have different definitions of success, and the formula no longer fits everyone.

My parents and their age group were focused on the pursuit of being stable financially thus, as a child, our parents were required to study intensively in order to be accepted into certain companies. During this time as well there are only a few flouring companies and being part of that company is a guarantee of financial success. In the early 60s, there were only hundreds of corporations and these companies would hire degree holders since almost everyone was aligned with the goal of stable finances, the employee turnaround was minimal.

Unfortunately, this is no longer effective for Millenials. The boom of the internet created a path to financial success without a college education. There is a huge number of successful non-degree holders.  In addition, since there are more companies now, our generation of workers has more options to pick thus the attrition rate is high. Furthermore, success could also mean freedom to do what their hearts desire. We became successful in capitalizing on our desires.

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