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TOEIC Listening and Reading Test


Good day students,

Starting January 30, 2022, I will send TOEIC Listening and Reading test weekly. This is for those who want to practice their English / TOEIC skill. This is not mandatory but this is highly encouraged to see one’s improvement.

On the examination, students will receive

These files could be printed for easy access.

For me to easily check your answers, please submit your answer through these forms (Listening and Reading).

TOEIC Reading Form

TOEIC Listening Form

Answers will be uploaded and the rationalization will be uploaded on Youtube.

Thanks for your continuous support.

Ian Tanpiuco

Ian Tanpiuco

Ian Tanpiuco created Educatorian in order to practice his skills in Writing and SEO. He is a Junior Web Developer in an ESL school in the Philippines while also doing some ESL Tutorial online. His goal is to create his own Learning Management System + Website that will allow students and teachers to connect. He also wants to practice his writing and speaking skills including digital marketing.