IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Photos

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Photos

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Photos

Why do some people like to record important things with photos?

As someone with a photographic memory, it allows for swift information storage and quick retrieval. For instance, when encountering important work-related details, I capture a photo of the item and store it in a designated folder, which I can recall effortlessly. This method saves time compared to taking written notes. It’s not necessarily a preference, but a convenient means to record vital information in a few seconds.

What can people learn from historical photographs?

Well, there’s a lot. Historical photographs provide evidence of various aspects of past times. For example, ancient Chinese paintings and clothing artifacts give insight into how people dressed, but photographs of the last Chinese dynasty provide more detailed information on how the clothing was worn. Similarly, historical photographs offer small details that may not be apparent from other sources. For instance, a photograph of Albert Einstein with other famous scientists can dispel misconceptions about their interactions and relationships. Overall, historical photographs provide valuable evidence and insight into the past.

Is taking photos the best way to remember something?

I wouldn’t say that relying solely on photographs is the best way to remember things since they may only convey a limited understanding of the subject. However, if you’re an old-school type like me, writing two to three sentences on the back of a photo can be an effective way to enhance recall. Writing requires precision and conciseness, and a picture can help convey the overall meaning. By including a few notes about the year or event, it becomes easier to remember and contextualize the image.

Which is better, taking photos or keeping a diary?

In terms of security and privacy, keeping a diary is the superior option. A diary is a personal letter to oneself and a means of self-expression, while photographs can be seen by others. Not everyone enjoys reading, so the chances of someone reading your diary are low compared to someone looking at your photographs. Therefore, keeping a diary is a better choice for ensuring data privacy.

When do people take photos?

People used to take photos mainly during special occasions like birthdays or weddings, but now, with the widespread availability of cameras on our smartphones, people can take pictures whenever they want. The cost of taking pictures has drastically reduced, and now we can store thousands of pictures on our phones. As a result, people now take photos for any reason or no reason at all, often capturing random moments or things that they find interesting or enjoyable.

Why do some people like to keep old photos?

People like to keep old photos because they help them remember someone or something from the past. For instance, we often keep photos of our grandparents, parents, or other important people in our lives, which helps us remember them and show them to our children. My mother once told me to keep my photos so that I could show them to my own family when I grow up. Now that I have children of my own, I can show them what I looked like when I was a kid, as well as what my parents looked like. Thus, photos provide us with a simple still image that allows us to show future generations what life was like during our time.


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