IELTS Speaking Part 2 and 3 – Adventure

IELTS Speaking Part 2 and 3 – Adventure

IELTS Speaking Part 2
(Describe an exciting adventure you would like to take in the future)

Difficulty: Average

Describe an exciting adventure you would like to take in the future
You should say:

  • What the adventure is
  • Where you would go
  • Who you would go with
    And explain why you would like to take the adventure

So I was checking out this guy on Facebook, and it inspired me to do the same in the future. We share the same name, and he happens to be a professional cyclist. One of his adventures was cycling to the northern region of our country. I find it as a very nice adventure, and I plan it to do it around next year but not yet sure.

Essentially, this guy decided to go up north, and you can see the Pacific Ocean. I would love to witness that in person. When it comes to bringing people along, I’m hesitant, especially if I have a child. It’s not an easy thing to do. However, I might just go alone. It’s more of a personal goal I see myself achieving in the future. Perhaps after I’ve done it for the first time, I can take my family by car, which is much easier. But for now, I simply want to try cycling from my town to the north eastern part of my country. Based on the videos I’ve seen, he met a lot of people and spent less than $200, yet he had the best 12 days of his life. He encountered so many people, and I believe I can sacrifice 12 days without working for such a trip across the entire island, and meet new friends.

I’m already 35, and I haven’t traveled much, so I think it’s something I should do before I die. It’s a personal challenge I would like to undertake in the future. Speaking of the future, my plan is to do it during the summer because during the rainy season in my country, those areas tend to get flooded, and that wouldn’t be a good way to start my journey.


IELTS Speaking Part 3

Who enjoys reading adventure books?

Some individuals may have commitments that prevent them from going out, while others simply have a strong imagination and find joy in exploring adventures through reading.

Do people prefer adventure novels or adventure movies?

Based on my observations, it seems that many people prefer adventure movies. People nowadays seem to rely more on visual stimulation through social media, which has affected their creativity and imagination. It is disheartening to see that people are more inclined to accept what they see rather than use their imagination while reading.

Why do people prefer reading adventure books rather than embarking on adventures?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, adventures can be expensive, and not everyone has the luxury to spend money solely on pursuing an adventure, especially those from less affluent countries. Additionally, safety is a concern as different adventures carry varying levels of risk, and access to quality healthcare may be limited in some places. As a result, people would rather prioritize their safety and find enjoyment in reading books or watching movies that provide a simulated adventure experience.

Who dislikes taking adventures?

There are various types of people who may not enjoy taking adventures. For example, I know someone who used to enjoy adventures but tragically lost their partner during one, which traumatized them and deterred them from further adventurous pursuits. Another type of person is someone who is content with their comfort zone and does not feel the need to try new things or seek excitement in their life. They prefer the safety and familiarity of their own surroundings.

What kind of personality is ideal for experiencing many adventures?

To fully maximize adventure experiences, it is important to have an open mind, kindness, and acceptance. Being resistant to trying new things contradicts the essence of adventure. Watching individuals who embrace adventure without hesitation, such as those who willingly consume exotic foods or take daring leaps, can serve as inspiration. Additionally, being kind is crucial while traveling, as it avoids offending others and fosters positive interactions. Gordon Ramsay is a good example of someone who watches adventure food shows and exhibits both adventurousness and kindness.

Does experiencing adventures broaden people’s horizons?

Yes, experiencing adventures can certainly broaden one’s horizons. Traveling provides a wider perspective and opens up new possibilities. Sometimes, the way we perceive things is limited by the environment and people around us. However, when we immerse ourselves in different experiences, we gain a fresh outlook. For instance, some Westerners may choose to leave their comfortable lives in the UK and settle in Africa, which completely transforms their lives. These individuals seek adventure and aim to make a difference in the world, willing to embark on a new journey in an unfamiliar country. Through such adventures, people often become smarter and wiser, learning valuable lessons along the way.

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