IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Singing

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Singing

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Singing

Do you like singing? Why?

  • When I was younger, I liked to sing with my sister at video karaoke every Saturday, but eventually, I stopped and never tried singing again. 
  • Yes, I sing whenever I can, at work or in a shower. It just gives me the energy to do things. 

Have you ever learned how to sing?

  • In our church, there was a lot of vocal training, but I never had the chance to join, so I never really learned how to sing correctly. They say you need to sing from your diaphragm, but I never really got that idea. I cannot read notes, and I can’t follow a rhythm.
  • I was fortunate that my friend is good at singing, and although he is not a professionally trained singer, he provides a comprehensive lesson on how to sing better. 

Who do you want to sing?

  • On some occasions, I supposed. I am happy to sing with my friends and family, but I am shy about my colleagues or acquaintances. 
  • No, first, I have no talent for singing, and I don’t know any song by heart. 

Do you think singing can bring happiness to people?

  • Yes, especially when the song is something fun or exciting. However, there are some songs where you can pour your hearts out and feel better because you sing out your pain. 
  • I am a Bon Jovi fan, and whenever I feel sad or want to celebrate, I sing some of their songs and feel happy afterward, so I guess other people may have the same feeling. 

What kind of music do you like to sing?

  • I fancy emo punk, and I like to sing songs from My Chemical Romance, and sometimes, I like classics like Linkedin Park. If I feel mellow, Backstreet Boys or Boyzone. 
  • I am a fan of Evanescence, and that is the first band that I like all of their songs. I also want to sing like Avril Lavigne, which is another kind of emo genre. 

Do you want to be a singer?

  • No, I want to sing, but I don’t want to be paid to sing. Singing, for me, is something I want to do privately, and having it as a career seems stressful. 
  • Yes, I always go to auditions and sing, but I never have my break. But I am still optimistic that someone will discover my talent. 

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