IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Sharing

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Sharing

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Sharing

Do you think kids like to share? Why?

I cannot speak for everyone. However, when I was younger, I tended to be a bit selfish and did not like to share. However, some kids like to share because of the way they were brought up. Whether they were the oldest or youngest, it’s hard to say. But some kids who like to share tend to have a more mature mindset. They also believe that sharing things could help them make friends. So, it depends on the way we were raised by our parents.

I believe every child is different, and the way they were brought up by their family is an important factor in whether they like to share or not. Based on what I have observed, it is common to see kids being selfish, and I think that is a natural instinct of a child to protect themselves. That’s why it’s essential for parents to teach their kids to learn how to share. Even as adults, we don’t always like to share, and I like to share this quote from X-Men, where they say, “Sharing is not a human prime attribute,” which is kind of funny in a way because it shows that even as adults, we struggle with sharing.

How can parents teach their children to share?

As a parent myself, I share things with my child, and I have learned that when I was younger, I saw my parents buying just one thing and making my sister and me share it. Regardless of our financial situation at the time, they did not buy two of the same thing because they wanted us to learn how to share. In retrospect, I believe that in our early years, there was a lot of fighting, crying, and hurting because we were trying to be selfish. But eventually, as we got older, we just got used to sharing. As a parent now, I think that’s the best way to teach kids. Don’t allow them to get the same thing, so they don’t have to fight. They need to learn how to share eventually.

There are many ways for children to learn how to share. Constantly talking about the importance of sharing is one way, but I don’t think it’s very effective. The best way to learn how to share is by actually experiencing it. That’s why if you live in a family where you have a lot of siblings, you learn to share much more effectively compared to being an only child. Constantly reminding kids that they have to share things may not always be pleasant at home because of the fighting, but it’s the best way to teach children how to share things.

What do you think is the benefit of sharing for children?

One benefit is that you become popular among other children and parents. They are more comfortable playing with you because they know that you’re not selfish and you’re willing to share things. That is one of the benefits, of becoming more open to friendship and being more willing to mingle with other people. Based on what I have observed, one of the benefits of sharing for children is that they tend to mature faster. Understanding the importance of sharing allows them to interact with people better, manage their time well, and become more of a role model to their peers. They tend to get more approval from other parents and even teachers, and therefore, they get exposed to higher responsibilities, which shows that they are effective leaders as they grow older.

Is there anything parents should encourage their children to share with others?

My parents taught me the importance of sharing food and water because these are basic necessities that not everyone has equal access to. When I see children who don’t have food during lunch break, I offer to share mine and they’re usually comfortable with that. As for water, they should have their own bottle or cup, but if needed, I can share my water with them.

How can governments promote shared transportation?

One effective way to encourage shared transportation is to ensure it’s available to a reasonable degree. Many people who drive cars often use the excuse that they can’t find public transportation when they want to go out late at night. Therefore, the government should make public transportation available for at least 16 hours or more. Also, the government should ensure that there are enough cabins available for trains or rail stations. In other countries, there is a 10-minute interval between cabins to ensure that people can easily access them. Additionally, the cabins should be kept sanitary and clean enough that people feel comfortable bringing their children. Or allowing them to travel without any risk of contamination.

Why is it important to share food during celebrations?

Sharing food during celebrations is an act of kindness and care for one another. During festivals, not everyone is in the same financial situation. So, sharing food is a way to show that you care about others. This practice dates back to a time in economically struggling China. People would share their food to express their kindness toward others. It’s a great way to bring people together and celebrate in the spirit of community.

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