IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Technology

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Technology

IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Technology)

Topic: Technology
Difficulty: Easy

  • What technology do you often use, computers or cellphones?

    • Although I have my laptop with me, I often use my phone because it is more accessible. I spend around five hours a day on my phone, while I only spend a few minutes a day on my computer. On my phone, I can browse different pages, and sometimes I binge-watch movies on Bilibili or check some reels on WeChat or Douyin.
    • As an IT professional, I spend most of my time on my computer, at least 8 hours a day. I rarely use my phone, only when I need to access some OTP or 2FA, but most of my personal activities like gaming and chatting with friends, as well as work-related tasks, are all done on my computer.
  • What electronic devices have you bought lately?

    • It has been quite a while since I bought my own gadgets. Two years ago, my mom bought me a phone, and I plan to upgrade it before my birthday in May.
    • I recently got a Bluetooth headset for my birthday last January. I didn’t plan on buying it, but when I saw it in a store, I got curious. It’s red, which is my favorite color, and has a cool appearance that’s good for gaming, so I decided to buy it.
  • Is there any technology you want to buy?

    • My laptop is outdated. It’s already four years old, and it’s slow and laggy. I need to upgrade my memory and replace the hard drive. I would like to get an iMac or a better laptop in the near future.
  • Is technology important in your life?

    • As a finance major, technology is crucial in our industry. Faster computation of numbers allows us to understand trends in stocks. Without technology, the finance industry would surely be crippled.
  • Is there any technology you don’t like?

    • Recently cameras are becoming very small. As a dad, I dont like it. In social media, there have been reports of people using pin-sized cameras to spy on women in bathrooms. Furthermore, digital manipulation like Photoshop is getting out of control. A perverted mind could take a picture of a girl and post a naked picture online.
  • What do you think are the trends in technology today compared to when you were young?

    • Based on what I see in movies, in the past, computers, especially Macs, had a lot of neon color variants. But now, they are mostly silver, black, and rose gold.In terms of phones, before, the trend was to have specific functions like music or photography, but now this trend no longer exists. Most functions are expected in a smartphone.

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