IELTS Writing Academic Task 2: Degree or Experiences

IELTS Writing Academic Task 2: Degree or Experiences

IELTS Writing Academic Task 2: Degree or Experiences

Many people say that the only way to guarantee to get a good job is to complete a course in university education. Other claims that it is better to start work after school and gain experience in the world of work.

How far do you agree or disagree with the above views?

It is suggested that having a college diploma is the only way to have a decent job while others suggest that gaining work experience after high school is far better. In my opinion, experiences are beneficial, but in order to get a better job, one must have a degree. 

Working after high school is now the norm as many want to gain experiences instead of acquiring more knowledge, and the result is most employees are gaining experience without fully understanding the concept of the work which could lead to less available positions at work. A quintessential industry with this situation is the IT industry where most of the workforce are not required to have a degree, as long as these people could do the task of coding and programming. However, most of these employees would not get promoted to managers or executive positions as they lack the overall knowledge and prior experience at school.

Being a manager or executive is considered to be a good job and it requires to finish a degree because experiences cannot operate the business alone. Completing a degree allows individuals to think critically and practice theoretical approaches by case studies in order to be familiarized in the actual business world. In the final year of Computer Science, it is more about the principle of accounting and business management to ensure that anyone who could code would also know how to operate the business. Therefore, most high-level positions are given to people with degrees versus experiences alone.

In conclusion, getting a job after secondary school is a good step in acquiring experience. However, right now, the only guarantee to land a good job is to get sufficient knowledge and that is by getting a bachelor’s degree.

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